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Web Design and Maintenance


    Whether for communication, business or fun, M&m Web Design & Management will create a web site to meet your organization's, company's or personal needs and objectives. We will work with you and the data you provide to design a web site that you will be proud of.


    Once the web site has been launched you may wish to add to the data displayed for the ongoing management of your web site. Please check the management page for more information.


    We are a local company that is dedicated to getting you and your web site online fast and for a reasonable cost. We offer different packages to suit your needs or the needs of your company. We are willing to work hard to make you or your company look good for the world to see on the web.



Computer Service and Support


    M&m Web Design and Management also offers service and support for your home or office at reasonable prices. 



Home and Office services include:

  • Computer maintenance

              -Routine computer maintenance

              -Hardware and Software upgrades 

                -Installation and configuration of new equipment


  • System maintenance

             -Routine system maintenance and cleaning

             -Backup services available

             -Disaster recovery services available


  • Network installation and Maintenance

             -Installation of a wireless or wired computer network

             -Maintain existing network.


  • Network maintenance

             -Management and maintenance of an installed wireless or wired network


  • Service Contracts

             -We offer yearly service contracts mostly for businesses and municipalities that have a larger number of computers to be maintained. Service contracts are billed on a yearly flat-rate fee depending on the number of machines.